Zenity command explanation , and its options , and integration of other commands with zenity

Abhinav Shreyash
3 min readSep 23, 2021

Zenity is a linux command which comes preinstalled with most of the linux distros, its a very useful command that can create a gui of many types such as form , alert etc .

For standard we are considering RHEL 8 altjhough many other distros can be considered , but RHEL is the standard in the world so we use it in this experiment.

Introduction :

In RHEL8 zenity is a command that gives use a predefined way of displaying a message or a form etc with gui window.

If you want to get the entire manual of zenity you have to type .

“man zenity”

The zenity commands in sequence :
* Calender command in zenity using “zenity — calendar”

We can redirect the the ouput of the above into a text such as

using echo $x to display its value

** Zenity , to display error

** Zenity to display entry

****Zenity question

**** Zenity progress

****** zenity colour selection

7th : zenity scale

8th zenity forms

9th zenity — file-selection

10th zenity-title=” whatever” — text ‘hi’ — entry

11th Zenity — title=”hello” — text”yum” — info

13th zenity — info — text=$(date)

14th zenity — forms — text=”$(date)”

lastly “zenity about”

Thanks for reading