Funny commands and tricks in linux


Now first is

1:) sl(steam locomotive):

dnf install sl

it even works with SL

2:)telnet command

so in a normal telnet

we type :

it shows

3:) Fortune command install using

dnf install fortune

then run the command “fortune “

4:) “rev” for reverse an entire string, It reverses every string given to it, is not it funny.

5:) Factor command , outputs all possible

6:)Cowsay command :

dnf install cowsay

4:) xcowsay command


xcowsay i love nix

5:)Yes command

type : yes i love linux

6:)cmatrix command

dnf install cmatrix

and then type cmatrix # till ctrl+c

8:)Fork Bomb

this command is actually is a fork bomb which exponentially multiplies itself till all the system resource is utilized and the system hangs.

thats all folks